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        • Do you know the production process of low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable?

          17-08-2017Edit: 管理員

          The conductor of fire-resistant cable adopts copper conductor, the conductor geometry is round, and a plurality of stranded conductors should be tightly pressed. The conductor is lapped with two or more layers of mica tape, and the wrapping angle i...
        • Three major technical points affecting the life of optical cable

          27-07-2017Edit: 管理員

          Fiber optic cable industry has experienced more than 30 years of development, and now has entered a peak period of upgrading. Thus, the topic of fiber optic cable life in the wire and cable industry has also attracted much attention. Because of the...
        • Analysis: six types of cable and over six types of network cable what is the difference?

          13-07-2017Edit: 管理員

          In the purchase of wire, we often encounter six kinds of cable and over six kinds of cable, then the two wires are the same? Or what is the difference between today's small series for everyone to analyze and analyze?! The six type of cable usually...
        • Do you know why these cables cause fire and explosion?

          07-07-2017Edit: 管理員

          The insulation layer of power cable is composed of paper, oil, flax, rubber, plastic, asphalt and other combustible materials. Therefore, the cable has the possibility of fire and explosion. So what is the cause of the cable fire and explosion? I b...
        • Measures for preventing high voltage cable from entering water

          18-05-2017Edit: 管理員

          High voltage cable cable is used on special occasions of the qualities of the high voltage cable when in use should comply with the use of the special envoy to the operation of high voltage cable, once an accident occurs, the consequences are very ...
        • Interior decoration wire maintenance considerations

          04-05-2017Edit: 管理員

          The indoor installation line, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 35 DEG C, the wire select safe current carrying wire, wire does not overheat. But with more power than the safe current carrying wire, wire heating, wire heating value ...
        • Causes and consequences of power cable heating

          20-04-2017Edit: 管理員

          Power cable through a certain load current, it will heat, with the load current increases, the higher the surface temperature of the cable, if not handled in time, the consequences can be imagined. Such as: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable, is the co...
        • Copper conductor what are the "edge"?

          23-12-2016Edit: 管理員

            Copper stranded wire plays an important role in our daily life, it belongs to a kind of building materials, on the choice of building materials according to the performance of some unique to create different effects. Is mainly used in home appl...
        • Measuring the insulation resistance of power cable

          09-03-2015Edit: 管理員

          1, the measurement of 10kV power cable, the choice of megohmmeter? Use should be made before check? Select the 2500V megger one (with the test line), the megohmmeter horizontally, first instrument appearance inspection and open circuit and short c...