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        • The difference between fire-resistant cable and flame retardant cable

          29-08-2017Edit: 管理員

            The average person is very easy to confuse the concept of flame retardant cables and fireproof cables, although there are many more flame retardant cable applies to the advantages of chemical enterprise, such as low, low smoke, non-halogen, but...
        • Precautions for the custody of wire and cable transportation

          22-08-2017Edit: 管理員

            With the rapid development of the national economy, people's life has been continuously improved, and the electric wire and cable has become an indispensable item in our life. Any machine that needs electric power is dependent on the cable. The...
        • How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of electric wires quickly

          08-08-2017Edit: 管理員

            With the rapid development of China's economy, electric power cable has become an important line material for transmission of electric energy, and its quality and safety problems are becoming more and more concerned. Therefore, it is very impor...
        • Discussion: how to choose heat-resistant high-temperature wire cable

          01-08-2017Edit: 管理員

            The heat-resistant high-temperature wire cable refers to the cable with long continuous working temperature of 125 degrees, 135 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, 250 degrees and 250 degrees. Currently, it is used to have irradiate...
        • Take a minute to show you the mineral insulated cable

          18-07-2017Edit: 管理員

            As people pay more and more attention to fire hazards, there are various kinds of fireproof cables on the market, and the mineral insulated cable is one of them.   Mineral insulated cables, or MI cables, also known as magnesium oxide insulat...
        • Talk: the importance of wire and cable industry to improve product quality

          04-07-2017Edit: 管理員

            With China's rapid economic growth, and further accelerate the industrialization, the urbanization process, China's wire and cable industry rapid development, so far, both in technology and equipment level and technology level and close to the ...
        • What are the aspects of wire cables?

          27-06-2017Edit: 管理員

            With the development of the society, wire and cable industry is the important basic industry of national economy, widely used in the national economy departments, for the industry, national defense construction and major construction projects t...
        • Analysis of the development trend of wire and cable in China in recent years

          15-06-2017Edit: 管理員

          With the development of science and technology and the rapid development of economy, the cable industry faces great challenges and opportunities in the traditional industry. The cable is praised as the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the national eco...
        • Popularize electric power cable fire hazard and cause

          13-06-2017Edit: 管理員

            Power lines and cables are an important part of the power industry and are increasingly used in the development of the national economy. With the development of power industry, supply enterprises is increasing, and large-scale modern factory, t...
        • Brief analysis: the characteristic of cable conductor beam and ordinary winch

          06-06-2017Edit: 管理員

            The winch is carried out by the rotation and the constant velocity of the winch line at the angular velocity of the stranded single strand. There are two kinds of copper and aluminum, and copper and aluminum wire can be twisted into various kin...
        • Do you get out of these mistakes when buying wire and cable?

          25-05-2017Edit: 管理員

          There are not many people who buy Wires in daily life, but it's hard to say how to pick wires and cables. Because a lot of people lack the common sense to buy wire and cable, so there are always some mistakes in purchasing. The most common phenomen...
        • How can we prevent this?

          23-05-2017Edit: 管理員

            As we all know, where the people live, all places that have requirements of production, transportation, and all economic activities, all need to explore and develop all of the activities, as well as any in the development of the development of ...