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        Precautions for the custody of wire and cable transportation

        22-08-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
          With the rapid development of the national economy, people's life has been continuously improved, and the electric wire and cable has become an indispensable item in our life. Any machine that needs electric power is dependent on the cable. The main components of wire and cable are copper conductor, insulating sleeve and protective sheath, so the transportation and storage of cable should be strictly and carefully. Especially, some related matters should be paid attention to. Let's take a look at the issues of cable transportation and storage.
          1, the power cable in the process of transportation should avoid the phenomenon of falling from a height, more dropped from a height when loading and unloading of wire and cable, especially under the condition of low temperature, wire and cable insulation sleeve, protective sleeve is relatively fragile, hard, high-altitude fall will result in the crack of the insulation sleeve and cases.
          2. When the cable is being packed, several cable discs cannot be installed simultaneously to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents. Cable placed on transportation tools such as vehicles, ships, and must be reasonable to be fixed, in order to prevent the in transit for cable turn to shake and other reasons or collision, cause damage to the wire and cable.
          3. The long storage time of the wire and cable should be properly rolled in the cable tray, and the rolling period is about three months. The specific time can be set according to the circumstances. The wire and cable should be rolled over to the top of the tray when it is rolling. This will prevent the side of the plate from being permanently located below and the damp rot.
          4, wire and cable insulation sleeve and protective sleeve for rubber products, more can't bear the excessive of sunlight, so try to avoid cable be prevent in open Spaces, cable does not allow flat.
          5, wire and cable generally poor anticorrosive, it is strictly prohibited and acid, alkali and mineral oil physical contact, if in the process of transportation and the corrosive substance is placed close to is to make the necessary isolation. The storage of electric wires and cables must be banned from the presence of material and corrosive gases that damage the protective coating of wire and cable.
          6, wire and cable is also has a shelf life of products, in general electric wire electric cable had better be used in the warranty period, if has a shelf life is not more than one and a half years, the longest cannot exceed two years shelf life time. Wire cables should be checked regularly during storage.
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