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        How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of electric wires quickly

        08-08-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
          With the rapid development of China's economy, electric power cable has become an important line material for transmission of electric energy, and its quality and safety problems are becoming more and more concerned. Therefore, it is very important to continuously strengthen the analysis and research on the quality problems of wire and cable, and to constantly strengthen the countermeasures and research on the corresponding supervision and inspection of the quality of power cable and cable. So how do you identify the quality of the wire for consumers without relevant expertise? Today let's look at how to identify the faulty wires!
          1. Copper core purity
          The interior of the wire is usually pure copper wire, because the pure copper conducts electricity well, and the heat dissipation is high. Good electric wire, should the purity of copper core is relatively high, use the copper that does not have oxygen commonly, appearance is bright, use when not easy to heat, the resistivity is relatively low, compare province electricity, and life is longer. Poor quality wire, copper core contains more impurities, the resistivity is relatively large, easy to generate heat, very expensive electricity, the life of use also will be shortened, and possibly short circuit causes fire.
          Look at the insulating material
          An insulating layer is the outer skin of a wire. High quality electric wire, the skin is usually high polymer polyvinyl chloride, good insulation, high temperature resistance, high strength, flame retardant effect good not easy to deform fade. The surface is delicate and glossy, with a certain thickness. Inferior wire, insulation adopts common plastic or recycled plastic, dim surface, material is qualitative light, no feeling, easy to aging deformation under high temperature, poor insulation, easy to burn, this wire is very unsafe.
          Compare the eccentricity
          Eccentricity is the ratio of the thickness of the insulating layer to the center of the copper core. The quality of the wire, the insulation layer is thin and uniform, the copper core is in the center position, the high pressure is not easy to hit the outer skin, avoid the copper core to be exposed. Bad wire, the insulation layer is thin and uneven, make the copper core deviate from the center, so high pressure can easily penetrate the outer skin, copper wire is exposed, easily cause short circuit, cause fire, very dangerous.
          4. Withstand temperature changes
          Electrical wiring can be affected by the use of different ambient temperatures or the use of long periods of heat. Good electric wire should be able to withstand high temperature, will not deform aging; When the ambient temperature is low, the stiffness becomes brittle, causing the insulation layer to break. Poor quality electrical wiring, after long use, the heat is relatively high, the insulation layer is prone to deformation and even fracture; At low temperature, the plastic epidermis becomes rigid, easily broken, resulting in leakage potential.
          5. Corrosion resistance
          The wire is used for a long time and can not be used in the use of air, water, acid, etc., so its corrosion resistance is better, which can be used for long life. High quality electric wire should have high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali corrosion will not affect the insulation layer. If the quality of the wire is bad, if it is corroded by acid and alkali, the insulation layer may break, fall off and other phenomena, leading to leakage of the copper core, which can be dangerous. This kind of wire, the service life is short, had better not choose.
          Finally small make up to remind each consumer, when buying electric wire, must choose formal brand, go to each regular manufacturer's point of sale to buy. Don't buy cheap, cheap wires that can't be used and have hidden dangers.
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