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        Three major technical points affecting the life of optical cable

        27-07-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
        Fiber optic cable industry has experienced more than 30 years of development, and now has entered a peak period of upgrading. Thus, the topic of fiber optic cable life in the wire and cable industry has also attracted much attention. Because of the difference of the external environment and the internal quality of the optical fiber cable in the actual use, the cable product life problem is more complex. At present, the industry has put forward three major impact of optical fiber life point of technology.
        I. selection of optical fiber coating and drawing process
        The reasons mainly include fiber loss increases with fiber loss, hydrogen cracking, fiber stress, through the actual detection of optical fiber cable after years of use, the geometric characteristics, mechanical properties, continuous macroscopic properties and optical properties of basic characteristics have not changed, by scanning electron microscopy and other methods found no abnormal phenomenon of micro fiber crack. But the optical fiber coating condition has obvious difference, the modulus is high, the coating is close and the peeling force is big, the fiber attenuation under 1550nm and 1310nm wavelength increases obviously.
        Two, ointment filled design
        The fiber paste is oily substances in close contact with the fiber, mineral oil or synthetic oil based mixtures, water vapor and isolation buffer effect on fiber lubrication, oxidation through visual observation of morphology and test to assess the ointment induced fiber paste properties. The ointment after oxidation can lead to increased acid hydrogen increases, and oxidation stability of the ointment cable structure has effect, which leads to the yield stress is reduced, this fiber can be affected by the stress in vibration, impact, bending, temperature, topographic and geological changes under the influence of weakening buffer effect of fiber fiber paste, so that cable reliability decrease.
        Fiber paste and fiber direct contact, it is the most important indirect cause of deterioration of optical fiber performance.
        Through the actual inspection of the fiber optic cable produced in different periods, it was found that the paste changed slowly with the change of time. They are usually aggregated into small particles, which then gradually evaporate, decompose, and dry up. For the directly buried or pipeline optical fiber in Central China, the typical time of the obvious change of fiber paste began to be 18 years.
        Three, loose casing size
        The influence of the size of the loose sleeve on the life of the cable is more in the comprehensive stress. When the size is too small, factors of stress, filler and fiber changes in temperature and mechanical interaction under the change of fiber stress is not slow, so that optical fiber attenuation increases, the occurrence of aging.
        The above is the three major technical points that affect the life of fiber optic cable. I hope you will pay attention to it and improve it.
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