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        Take a minute to show you the mineral insulated cable

        18-07-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
          As people pay more and more attention to fire hazards, there are various kinds of fireproof cables on the market, and the mineral insulated cable is one of them.
          Mineral insulated cables, or MI cables, also known as magnesium oxide insulated cables. It is composed of copper conductor with high conductivity, inorganic magnesium oxide insulation and seamless copper pipe sheath. When special needs, it can also be packed in metal sheath a layer of PVC sheathed. Its flexible structure, main material adopt inorganic material, make up for the defects such as the hardware structure, easy to burn, toxic, and possesses the advantages of some other cable does not have, such as: fire, large carrying capacity, impact resistance, voltage, resistance to mechanical damage, halogen-free, non-toxic, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, long service life, safety, high overload, high temperature resistance, low cost, etc. The next one is to introduce the characteristics of mineral insulated cables.
          1) explosion protection
          A highly compacted insulating material in a mineral insulated cable that prevents steam, gas, and fire from passing through the parts of the equipment that are connected to the cable.
          2) waterproof
          If the mineral insulated cable is completely immersed in the water, the mineral insulated cable can continue to operate with the help of its seamless metal sheath.
          3) small diameter
          The diameter of a mineral insulated cable is smaller than that of the other rated current.
          4) long life
          The inorganic materials used in mineral insulated cables can guarantee the stability, long life and fire resistance of cables.
          5) fire resistance:
          The two kinds of copper and magnesium oxide used in mineral insulated cables are inorganic. This cable will not burn, nor will it ignite, near fire
          The operation can be continued under the condition of flame. Under 1083 ℃ melting copper sheath, and magnesium oxide insulating material is solidified under 2800 ℃.
          6) ground
          For mineral insulated cables, an independent grounding conductor is not required because the copper sheath used for this cable has been used as a grounding conductor
          Use, can provide excellent low ground resistance. In the case of the ground protection loop (ESR) wiring, in the MEN (multi-grounded neutral) system, outside
          Layer copper sheath can be used as ground and neutral conductor.
          7) short-circuit fault rating
          At the same temperature, the fault rating of mineral insulated cables is significantly higher than other types of cables.
          8) heavy load
          For cables of the same section, the mineral insulated cables carry a higher current than other types of cables. Also, mineral insulated cables
          Tolerable is considerable overload.
          9) high operating temperature
          Mineral insulated cable can be resistant to continuous operation temperature as high as 250 ℃. However, in an emergency, the cable can be near the melting point of the copper sheath
          Next, continue the operation in a short time.
          10) high corrosion resistance
          The copper sheath of mineral insulated cable is highly corrosive, and for most installations, it does not require additional protection. in
          The copper sheath of the cable is liable to suffer from chemical corrosion or serious industrial pollution. It shall be used to protect mineral insulated cables with plastic outer sheath.
          11) high mechanical strength
          Mineral insulated cables are durable and can withstand intense mechanical damage without damaging their electrical properties.
          In addition, it is believed that the mineral insulated cable is still in the promotion stage, and the construction level of the workers can hardly guarantee its performance. Therefore, we should choose whether or not to use mineral insulated cable according to demand.

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