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        Analysis: six types of cable and over six types of network cable what is the difference?

        13-07-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
        In the purchase of wire, we often encounter six kinds of cable and over six kinds of cable, then the two wires are the same? Or what is the difference between today's small series for everyone to analyze and analyze?!
        The six type of cable usually refers to the six kind of unshielded twisted pair. Exceed six kinds of network cable, be in performance than six kinds of online a level of reticle.
        Six types of network cable and over six kinds of wire network in the structure has increased the insulation of the cross skeleton, and the twisted pair of four pairs of cables are placed in the cross frame of the four groove. What's the difference between them?
        In appearance:
        1., six types of network lines on the skin of the logo is CAT6, over six kinds of cable line, leather logo is cat6e.
        2. over six kinds of wire mesh, the core spacing is more dense, and the conductor is relatively thick.
        3. over six types of cross frames are in the form of a gear shaped wire slot.
        1., six types of unshielded twisted pair parameters have been greatly improved, the transmission frequency is extended to 250MHz or higher;
        2. over six types of network cable, also known as 6A, can support Gigabit Internet access, the largest can reach 500MHZ, is six times the network of two times.
        The purpose of increasing the cross frame of the six types of network cable and over six kinds of network cable is to solve the problem of "crosstalk" which is common in the six kinds of transmissions.
        The 6A uses a gear like wire slot shape to effectively change the enhancement signal to minimize signal attenuation.
        But the cross frame is not the only standard for the six type of cable. Some of the six types are isolated, and some don't even. As long as they are up to the standard, they pass the test. But most manufacturers do not take ten, they can not produce the standard six categories.
        Six types of network cable and over six kinds of cable distinction, Xiaobian share here, in the selection of the time to choose the right wire Oh!
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