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        Talk: the importance of wire and cable industry to improve product quality

        04-07-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
          With China's rapid economic growth, and further accelerate the industrialization, the urbanization process, China's wire and cable industry rapid development, so far, both in technology and equipment level and technology level and close to the advanced world level. It is the second largest industry in China after the automobile manufacturing industry.
          Wire and cable industry is the important basic industry of national economy, widely used in the national economy departments, for the industry, national defense construction and major construction projects to provide important form a complete set, is the foundation of modern economic and social functioning, and People's Daily life indispensable product. Therefore, the quality of wire and cable products is directly related to the economic and social development and the vital interests of the people.
          At present, China's cable industry development level is generally low, for a long time, lack of good faith, to cut corners, shoddy, such as historical ills is difficult to eradicate, causing the wire and cable industry in a state of "subhealth". In 2012 the national wire and cable products quality "three check" (enterprise production condition check, unlicensed production inventory and the linkage supervision and inspection) results show that some varieties of quality problem is still outstanding, some key indicators there are serious security hidden danger.
          According to incomplete statistics, the electric fire accounts for up to 80% of the large fires that occur in our country every year, of which more than 50% of them are related to cable cables. "Inferior product life is short, the problem more, usually in the running period of 3 years to get into accidents, some become the fire accident in directly, meet emergencies consequences, and recovery and reconstruction work of cost, long time consuming." Many in the industry are concerned about the shocking reality.
          In addition, because the quality is not stable, the grade is not high, do not pay attention to environmental protection and other reasons, China's wire and cable limited exports, exports of only 3% of total output, and direct impact on the downstream of industrial products export safety. In recent years, developed countries represented by the European Union, by taking advantage of technical regulations such as ROHS directive exports of mechanical and electronic products to me to set up all kinds of technical barriers, such as wire and cable accessories quality can not meet the requirements, increased the difficulty of mechanical and electrical products export, also make the enterprise exit after-sales maintenance operation cost increase greatly. We have learned, our country enterprise contracting construction projects abroad used in the electric wire electric cable between 70% and 80% from home, its quality is directly related to the outsourcing project quality safety and international image made in China.
          To sum up, the overall level of China's wire and cable products quality is not high, we must fully understand to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the quality of wire and cable products, improving the quality of wire and cable products overall level of significance. We should take the scientific outlook on development as, adhere to the government to promote, market guide, the principle of social participation and enterprise as the main body, to take effective measures to intensify the comprehensive improvement, and lay solid foundation for the sustained and healthy development of wire and cable industry.
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