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        Measures for preventing high voltage cable from entering water

        18-05-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
        High voltage cable cable is used on special occasions of the qualities of the high voltage cable when in use should comply with the use of the special envoy to the operation of high voltage cable, once an accident occurs, the consequences are very serious. If the high voltage cable inlet, then in the role of electric field, will occur aging phenomenon, lead to cable breakdown. Cable will bring some harm to the use of cable, then how do we solve this phenomenon?
        It's difficult to clean up after the high voltage cable, and there is no corresponding configuration device at the moment. In the actual application of the cable, the cable inlet, if the cable end water, can be a few meters in front of the cable cut off; if the entire cable has water, can only be scrapped. Therefore, the cable is followed by the main cable to prevent water inflow, should be based on prevention, mainly using the following measures:
        1, high voltage cable head to seal up, if it is cut off cable ends, whether it is stacked or laying, are to be sealed by plastic, this can be very good to prevent moisture penetration.
        2, after the wire laying, must promptly carry on the cable head manufacture, this can effectively prevent the water from the cable head to go in.
        3, and there is in the purchase of cables, we must choose good quality cables, so that the quality of the cable is good, can effectively prevent cable insulation aging and so on.
        4, because the cable insulating impurities, porosity water is part of the starting point of wind movement, so the cable when in use must be periodically for maintenance and maintenance, because the cable has a great relationship to prevent water treeing is the.
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