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        Interior decoration wire maintenance considerations

        04-05-2017Edit: Guangdong Dengfeng
        The indoor installation line, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 35 DEG C, the wire select safe current carrying wire, wire does not overheat. But with more power than the safe current carrying wire, wire heating, wire heating value and the current intensity is proportional to the strength of Ping Fangcheng, if the current is increased by 2 times, the calorific value than the original 4 times increase, will cause the wires to overheat, easy to cause fire.
        The main reason for the overload of the electric wire is: the new line is too thin, the section is small; the load is added arbitrarily on the old line. Fuse selected thin, frequent power failure, is not conducive to power supply; fuse selected thick, overload fuse constantly, resulting in overheating burned wire insulation, but also easy to cause fire.
        Wire maintenance Note seven
        The length of the service life of the wire depends on the quality of the wire and the environment of the wire installation. Wire mainly by the outer layer of insulation, a long time, the corrosion of corrosive gases, insulation performance gradually reduced, slowly aging hard, brittle or off. The performance of wire insulation loss is very dangerous, if two wires connected to the ground and touch touch things together or FireWire, there will be electric leakage phenomenon, the local wire temperature, sparks, caused the fire. So pay attention:
        First, the wire should not be damp, heat, corrosion or bumps.
        Two, the use of wires for a certain period of time to pay attention to the inspection, found problems, should be replaced in a timely manner.
        Three, do not overload the use of wire.
        Four, often check the use of electrical and wiring in the home, timely maintenance and repair.
        Five, for the old construction of the line, found to be flooded or wet, especially the line aging disrepair should be immediately asked to repair the electrician.
        Six, for easy to be immersed in the line of the flood, should ask the electrician to move the line, take the elevated, moisture-proof measures.
        Seven, such as the power supply should be cut off immediately, please check the cause of the electrician, and sent someone to care.
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